Gone Fishing


Sunny morning on the Blackfoot River.

Now that was a serious break. I know what you are thinking, here comes the post about the guy who dropped out of triathlon again. Well, I am happy to disappoint you in this case. Lets just cut to the chase. Thanks to residency (my second one at that), work, building a house, and essentially 7 years of straight training and racing, I needed some time off. My family needed some time off too. So I went big. And it was awesome.

This summer, instead of waking up at 4:30 to ride or run, I grabbed my fly rod and waders. I started running with my kids. My wife and I started riding together. I read a few good books. Balance was achieved.


One of my PR days this summer.

During this time, I came to realize that while competition in triathlon has its place, getting faster and faster shouldn’t be my primary goal. Last year, I would actually have a near anxiety attack if I wasn’t finishing my Trainer Road rides within 1-2 watts of goal. Now, this sport is not about nailing watts, but more about living a healthy lifestyle, pushing my boundaries, and setting a good example for my kids.

The workload has shifted in my world, and I am finally ready to get back into the training mode. However, going forward I refuse to bore you with training details in this blog. During my down time, and after reading countless other blogs, I came to a startling realization far too late: no one gives a crap about my training! That’s what Strava is for. So instead, I want to focus on the quirky adventures triathlon can bring, like the time I really had to pee on the boat while waiting for the start of the Alcatraz Triathlon. I hope you enjoy the new flavor.

Now, I haven’t been a total slouch during the summer. I’m still doing my running (20 miles a week?) and a few rides here and there. I am totally in love with Zwift. Swimming has been picking back up too. I have been swimming without a watch lately and that has been really rewarding. Just me and my thoughts.

Ok, 2016 is going to be a big year. Please join me for the ride!


A family run in Montana.

Chasing Boats

Seems like everything I do these days gets me close to water. Today, I landed once again in Philly. Only this time, I was greeted with 70 degrees of overcast skis. Coming from Montana, this opportunity was too much to pass up.

Unfortunately, I’m feeling like crap these days as the steroid taper is almost done. A bit of nausea, of bit of headache, and a bit of chest tightness. I figured my body needed a resetting, so I donned the running shoes and headed out along the Schuykill trail.



The day started off terrible. I felt like I was going to keel over, literally. But I kept on plugging along as well as I could by enjoying the scenery. There are some things everyone remembers when going to school. I calm them montage moments; those images that would go into a movie montage if my life were some cheesy film. I’d have to say that running along the trail while chasing and racing the crew boats on the Schuykill has to be one of my favorite Philadelphia montage moments.

Crew boats on the Schuykill.

Crew boats on the Schuykill.

With my mind distracted, my legs amazingly took off. It was like that scene from Forest Gump when he brakes out of his braces. I may not be walking tomorrow, but the last half was invigorating.

On a side note, I recently picked up the Feed Zone cookbook. Everyone and their endurance grandma has been talking about this book so I took the plunge. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the recipes yet; that will be next week. But I did get through some of the science section and I was intrigued to here about the important of fueling fast right after a long workout. Like within 30 minutes. So, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and I literally ended my run here: FEDERAL DONUTS.

12.97 miles right into Federal Donuts in University City. The door was propped open so I am not kidding when I say I ran in.

12.97 miles right into Federal Donuts in University City. The door was propped open so I am not kidding when I say I ran in.

There were only two peanut butter donuts left (it was 7:00 pm) so I grabbed one and downed it. Amazingly, I felt completely refreshed after and not starving at dinner. Actually, I was kind of too full at dinner. Now of course, the book does not say eat donuts after a workout. But it does mention this is one of the few times a high glycemic index food could be indulged. I’m skeptical, but I am having fun experimenting with my nutrition. Will see how tomorrow feels on the bike.



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