Top Ten Reasons It’s Great To Be Married To A Triathlete.

Its hard being a Triathlete. But it is also way fun. At least to me. Unfortunately, many of our spouses, especially those who are not tri-geeks, don’t have the luxury of the latter part. With our lifestyles, its tough being married to an endurance athlete, and our poor hubbies/wifeys deserve our gratitude. That’s why I made a list of the top ten reasons being married to a triathlete is awesome. Just in case you need to remind your significant other why you need to spend 3000 dollars on that new set of Zipp Wheels. Here we go:

#10: Less body hair than a new born baby’s butt.

#9: Its never a question of when were going to Hawaii every year; only if were going to bring the bike.

#8: If we can get our wetsuits off in less than 20 seconds after swimming 2.4 miles, we can surely get your clothes off after dinner in less than 10.

#7: If someone snatches your purse/wallet, there is no way in hell there going to out run us. Unless your mugged by Craig Alexander. In which case that would be awesome.

#6: When training for 15+ hours a week, there is no time for infidelity.

#5: Convincing us to try a couple’s massage is no problem at all.

#4:We’ll never say you look fat. Well just say your probably a Clydesdale grouper.

#3: The only threesome we’re ever interested in involves a wetsuit, a bike, and a pair of running shoes.

#2: We’re easy to shop for. gift card. Or anything with the name “Cervelo” attached to it.

#1: We think nothing of anything less than 17 hours.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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