To Helena And Back

Today was a rest day for me, so what better way to spend it than sitting in a car for hours on end. I had to do a small presentation today in downtown Helena. The meeting was 45 minutes long, but the driving was eight+ hours. Nevertheless, Montana is so full of awesome that even just driving somewhere is a surreal experience.

View from McDonald Pass today on the Continental Divide

In addition to the constant backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, I must have seen more deer today than in my entire life. To top it off, I saw my first group of wild Moose lingering beside the road. Luckily, nothing ended up on the front of my truck.

Besides getting some good business done, I also had a chance to visit Great Divide Cyclery and the Blackfoot Brewery. The Cyclery had a pretty good selection, including a beautiful Cervelo RS. Alas, I didn’t see what I was looking for(hint: it rhymes with “BMC”) and I left empty handed. However, the brewery did have plenty of what I was looking for!

Very yummy.

Alas, with a long drive back to Kalispell, I settled for just one and grabbed a growler for tonight. The low point of today was the sheer lack of healthy food options on the road. After going on nothing but a coffee and a Kashi Bar until 4:00, I caved in. Big Time. I swear, I didn’t know the Chicken burger at Hardee’s came with Bacon on it!

Oh well, guess I’ll just add some more time on the trainer tomorrow.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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