These Legs Were Made For Sweating

After a long day of trying to potty train my son, I figured it was time to add my own stain to the carpet. Grabbed the iPhone and hopped on for an easy yet sweaty hour of zone 3 with 3X 6 mins of zone 5 for fun. Didn’t feel quite as good as usual today; for some reason I started getting some stomach cramps. Maybe it has something to do with that combination of beer and mystery Hardee’s Chicken like meat yesterday.

Anyway, IF was 0.81, TSS was 71.6. So I cant complain or rejoice either way. Tomorrow is the last day of the off season. That means Monday, I start my 20 week training plan for Calgary 70.3. It will be nice to be able to mix up the routine again.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get outside for a run. It was gusting up to a chilly 30 knots today in the valley, and wind and I mix as well together as Tiger Woods and fidelity. Hopefully things will be more calm in a few hours.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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