Top Ten Signs Your A Triathlete on St. Patty’s Day

Ah, it’s that time again. The time to celebrate our heritage with the unlimited consumption of beer and pub food. In my house, that would be five o’clock, but it also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. This day is special for a number of reasons to me. One, my wife is 2nd generation full Irish. Two, it’s my late sister’s birthday. Three, my kids are Thairish, half Thai and half Irish. So, there is going to be plenty of Guinness, whiskey, and corned beef in my house tonight.

Some of you must think it weird for a Thai guy to be so excited about St. Patty’s Day. Well, in my experience in Thai & Irish relations over the last six years, I have come to realize that Thailand is essentially the Asian equivalent of Ireland: we love to drink, we do have a lots of green, (albeit mostly in the form of opium plants and palm trees), and we have plenty of small, hairy, human like creatures (vicious monkeys!) The only big difference is that we don’t get in fights very often, and if we do, we kickbox.

Of course, this is a triathlon blog, and St. Patty’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the Top Ten Signs You’re a Triathlete on St. Patty’s Day.

10. You have dreams of a lush green island…called Hawaii.

9. Your idea of a pub crawl is a 9:00 min pace 5K to the nearest bar with the local running club.

8. You are wearing green compression socks.

7. When you see a four leaf clover, you wonder if it’s a sign you’ll get a Kona lottery slot this year.

6. The mention of Guinness immediately has you thinking about running a mile in 3:43.13.

5. You are attempting to calculate how much dye it would take to color a 7 lane 25 yard pool green.

4. You do not think swimming between Ireland and Scotland is crazy.

3. For you, “Bloody Sunday” refers to that time you forgot to use Body Glide before a marathon.

2. You know that Guinness Draught has 126 calories, nearest the lowest of beers.

1. You worked out at 4:30 AM today so you would be free to get your beer on tonight.


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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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