A New Box Of Rubbers!

Ah, nothing like getting a new box of rubbers after a winter of hard riding in the bedroom. Of course, by rubbers, I mean new tires.

As the race season is about to start, its time to start getting the equipment ready to put out. My current tires held up pretty well for the last 2 seasons. Somehow I managed not to experience a single flat. Of course, I just doomed myself by stating that. Hours of riding the indoor trainer in my bedroom this winter has finally taken its toll, and I started getting some visible cracks in the rubber. That is one thing you never want to have in ANY rubber product.

So, my buddies over at CompetitiveCyclist.com, which runs a well oiled machine by the way, sent me a new box of Michelin Pro3 Race Tires yesterday for a great price.

These things look beautiful, and I cant wait to get them on the rims in a few weeks. I could have bought a pair with a red stripe, but I figured red tires and red rims would be a little too much ….well….red.

By the way, for a triathlete, one of the most exciting things is seeing the UPS guy dropping off box. We like our toys. And I got some more toys coming today…..

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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