Stimulus Package: Lazer Tardiz and 2XU Wetsuit Unboxing!!

When she spits up, I'll be the one laughing!

Oh, yeah. The big brown truck made a stop at my house today, and its Christmas time in Montana! Today, my new wetsuit and helmet arrived, and here are the unboxing pics you’ve been waiting for. First up, the 2XU Elite Wetsuit.

After the customary trimming of my nails, I begin the epic saga of putting on the suit. Much to my pleasure, it was much more forgiving than the old, previously mentioned, XTerra suit I had. Once I got it on, it fit like a glove. Not to tight, not too loose. Came off in cinch. A cool feature I hadn’t expected was “angled” cuffs at the hands and feet. I’m not sure what purpose they serve, but they do provide a nice area of breather as well as some tactile feedback.

Next up, the Lazer Tardiz unboxing. I just loved the classy “Apple” Box:

Sexy, dont you think?

Off with the lid, and there we have it:


First of all, the finish is glossy in front and matte on the back over the dimples. Its surprisingly light, almost as light as my regular helmet. The ear flaps felt forgiving enough to easily get over my noggin in transition, but also strong enough to protect the goods if things went bad. Straps were comfortable without any digging or irritating spots.

Full Frontal

The much talked about posterior air outlet.

After walking around in it for a good 30 minutes, I cant complain of any pain or heat problems.

More vents behind the ears.

Close up of the water channels and pads.

Some nice strap work.

My favorite part: The Aqua Vent!

If only more things had this button...

Tomorrow, well try this out during a trainer session and see how it feels in the heat. You know I will have to try the Aqua Vent too… the shower.

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