Just Because You Own The Road Doesnt Mean Cars Think You Do.

For some unknown reason, it seems that one after another triathlete is getting involved in a serious wreck in the last month. Just today, The Examiner in Billings published an article on professional triathlete Jordan Rapp. Rapp was involved in a serious accident when he collided with a vehicle that made a left hand turn in front of him. He is currently in the ICU in critical condition. This accident follows on the heals of fatal accidents involving Katherine Chezick on March 1st and Kristy Gough on March 7. These incidents serve as a somber reminder of the plain facts:

1. No matter how accomplished a cyclist you are, the car is always going to win. Lance Armstrong vs 97 Ford Taurus? Taurus wins.

2. While us cyclists recognize that we need to share the road with autos, there are many a driver out there who think we have no right to be on the road. Somehow, riding 25mph in aero position on a sidewalk seems more safe to them.

3. With cell phones and texting, the number of aware drivers out there is dwindling fast.

4. It is much more a nuisance to be dead than to wear a helmet.

Let this post be a reminder to always be safe out on the road. Wear your helmet, carry identification, emergency money, and a cell phone. Be constantly aware of your surroundings. Do not wear headphones. Ride in a group if you can. (I never ride alone now. EVER.) Always assume that every car is driven by a blind, drunk, texting, pot head with one arm.

Good luck out there road warriors.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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