Thank God Swingset Building Isnt Part of Triathlon

When I picked up the 5 boxes of immense weight at Costco, I figured I was in for quite an experience this weekend. When I opened box one, and the instructions came with a how to DVD; I was even more prepared for an arduous task. After 23 hours of hammering, wrenching, and drilling, I can honestly say that I had no idea how hard building a swingset was going to be. My hands are bruised and scratched. My back is sore. My shoulders ache. And my family is lucky to be alive after all the impatient “is it done yet” from the kids and my wife and I’s debate over which of the 700+ screws was the one we were looking for.

Yet, after seeing my daughter swinging away and my son sliding repetitively, it was totally worth it. Today was another long day, and my hopes for an epic training day went out the window. I started working at 8 this morning, and finished up via flashlight at 9 PM. And I was working fast. Really fast.

Sometimes people ask me how I do triathlons, with all the time requirements and a family of 3, one of them 2.5 months old. The answer is knowing when to put the bike down, to keep the running shoes in the closet, and to build a gigantic swingset. Behind almost every triathlete is someone who has put in a great deal of self sacrifice. Maybe not on a bike, or in the lap pool, but in ways that matter. Every race we finish is not only our accomplishment, but theirs also, and reminding them of their importance is second to none in the life of a triathlete.

There are age groups for triathletes all the way into the 70’s. Children are only children once. So get out there and do some good training: show the people who silently cheer you on how much you love them.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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