I Wish I Could Run As Fast As My Nose

Still a little off today, so I decided to catch some early Z’s and hit the bike early tomorrow morning before work. I did manage to get in the pool today for some sets, and that was nice. Except for the fact since then my nose has been running like Niagara Falls. Strangest thing, the Air Force was at the pool today, I guess testing candidates for something or the other. It was all cool until they started firing tracer rounds over the pool.

Followed up with a nice massage at the Whitefish Lodge. Had some spots I didnt even know were sore!

When I get sick, I get hungry, so today’s diet was a total cave in. Started off fine. One coffee and one cheese bagel with light cream cheese. Skipped lunch due to some commitments. Dinner? One steak with a side of coconut shrimp with a few glasses of wine. Topped it off with a Cadbury Egg. Its Easter soon.

Okay, got to get some Z’s. Me and the Cervelo have a date tomorrow.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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