Another Day Of Learning

Now that I’m back on my feet more, I hit the track for a run today. Pace was decent. Endurance pace was roughly 8:45. Put in 2x 1 mile intervals at 7:45. I found that if I shorten my stride even more than I thought and if I increased my cadence, it was much easier to go faster. Five miles total. Im still hoping to make it into the six minute mile mark this year, so this is a step in the right direction. Right now, I can hold a 6:30 for a while, but not long enough.

Another point of learning today is that I do not tolerate carbonated beverages before running. There used to be a time when I could eat anything and go for a run. Coffee, bagel, pizza, even beer. Of course, that was a time when I was running slow as a snail. Okay, as a slower snail. Now that I’m starting to ramp my speed up, I find that I am much more sensitive to what I eat in the 2 hours prior to running. I had intended to put in a good 8-10 miles today, but at mile 5, I started cramping worse than I have ever before.

I also think I need to work on my core muscles a bit. So Ive decided to add in some good old push ups and sit ups into my daily regimen. Right now, I will start at 100 of each a day. This should be a fun experience.

Weight is doing well. I don’t feel like I’m starving, and I seem to be getting back to my race weight (145 lbs). I’m happy to say that today, I fit back into my “Ironman” size pants, aka the smallest size Ive worn since high school.

Finally, on the racing side of things, Ive moved to spot 48 on the waiting list for the Grizzly Triathlon on April 10. The race director swears it still a possibility, so I will keep my fingers crossed. If not, there’s next year, and I can focus on Onionman. I just love saying that.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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