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Top Ten Signs The Race Director Is James Cameron.

Judging from the huge hits I got yesterday, it seems like my readers are loving more of the humor than my boring training stuff. With that in mind, and thanks to having just watched Avatar yet again, I think this calls for the the top ten signs your race director is none other than James Cameron:

10: All the volunteers are wearing hydraulic powered exoskeletons (Aliens, Avatar)

9. Finisher medals are made of liquid metal and capable of shape shifting. (Terminator 2)

8. There are Marines…everywhere.

7. If the water isn’t cold enough for icebergs to form, the race is canceled. (Titanic)

6. The run leg features Vietcong soldiers and helicopters with tracer rounds. (Rambo)

5. GU products are dispensed via facehuggers. (Aliens)

4. The duathlon is run, ride bird, run. (Avatar)

3. Your timing chip is also a GPS tracker. (Aliens)

2. The corporate sponsor is evil. (every Cameron movie)

1. The race shuttle is a drop ship that looks like an Huey on steroids. (Aliens, Avatar)

Running In A Swamp

Ah Florida. Your treating much better than my last trip. When we last met, yon mocked me in my new Newtons and handed me a 26 minute 5k test. Today, your are more loving. You let me run 4.25 miles in 33 minutes. I forgive you.

As you know, your truly is in Florida conferencing away. Anyone who is a frequent visitor of such events know that it’s fun for about 2 hours before it starts to feel like some one is ripping your eye balls out after eating hot wings.

So, after a good eight hours of lecture, I was ready to blow off some steam. First thing I did after lecture was donn the running outfit and head out into the Florid sun. It wad as sunny or warm as I wanted it; but 81 degrees is still plenty nice compared to Northwest Montana.

Yes, it did suck running in heat not being acclimated, but I think I got some good sweating done! Resort has a nice nature trail through some pseudo swamps, complete with bugs and frogs, and that was an exciting adventure. Did a couple of loops around the resort loop, eating up the joggers like a German blitzkrieg. Best part was the end. They have a fancy pool side bar here, so I just kept running until I hit the bar. Sweating and huffing, ordered myself a Blue Moon with an orange wedge that was SO GOOD. To top it off, hopped in the relaxation pool for some cooling off and floating. Learning, training, drinking, swimming. That’s what I call a good day.

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