The Lane Of Endless Sleeves

Bruce Lee Meditating. Sometimes kicking butt requires good butt sitting.

No, this post is not about some dubbed Jackie Chan Kung Fu movie from the 70’s (Although, it would be a good name for one.) Yesterday, I put in a 2100 yard swim to see how things were shaping up for my half-Ironmans this season. At Coeur d’Alene last year, I swam a ~1:25, putting my half time at ~42 minutes. Im happy to say that my time yesterday was ~36 minutes.

Ive been really focusing on my swim technique lately. Essentially, Im trying to go faster without going harder. One of the visualizations that has helped me greatly lately is imagining that with every stroke I am sliding my arm into a coat sleeve. By doing so, I find that I am keeping my hands moving straight ahead and not crossing over the midline or too much out to the side. It also gets me to reach out as far ahead as I can, which in turn, gets me to turn my shoulders in more. By doing so, Ive been able to shave quite a bit of time off.

This technique was something a learned a long time ago with Total Immersion Swimming. At that time, when I was just beginning to swim, the TI technique was sort of lost on me. I just needed to be able to swim. Now that Ive got that part down, Im finding the zen swimming approach of TI to be of more benefit. I will be digging my TI book out of the shelf today, and I will post some of the drills I’m working on.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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