Finally some data for you training stalkers.

Okay, here is the week recap in training. First up, did the 2X12 intervals:

During the first interval, I had a hard time with the effort, and only managed a pnorm of 162. During the second set, the numbers were headed in the right direction with a pnorm of 168. It probably had something to do with having to answer an office call while powering along.

Second big activity was the 2.5 hour endurance ride last night. Pretty boring ride, but worth it. Here is how boredom looks like:

And, finally my 5k recovery run yesterday:

I tried the tactics that I mentioned in my hill running post, and things seems to go much more smoothly. I especially find using the short steps as well as the faster arm swim beneficial.

Judging from these 2 runs, it looks like its going to be pretty close if I can break 50:00. That remains my ultimate goal, but Ill be okay with a sub 52:00. Should be a beautiful day out tomorrow to boot. Today, I have a 2 hour ride with the local tri club; will be great to finally get out some on the bike. Details and pics later!

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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