Good Learning Day

At 90 strikes a minute, I could turn Fred's car into a Ferrari.

More progress made today. It finally cooled off in Montana, so it made it easy to stay inside on the track. Still pretty sore, so I just planned on doing some light tempo running and some form work. I also wanted to try a longer run out without socks. First warm up mile was at 8:41. I counted my cadence for one minute during this lap, and it came out as 80. From my prior post, Im shooting for the 90’s. This was pretty surprising to me as I thought I was a quick stepper. Next lap, I tried to speed the steps up, concentrating on quickly lifting off rather than pushing harder, and got 89. Interestingly, finished that mile at 7:33 with a moderate increase in exertion. I was amazed at how tiny my steps seemed and how fast my legs seemed to be moving with trying to squeeze 90 foot strikes in 60 seconds. I kept the pace at 90 strikes, and concentrated as much as I could within staying calm and not over exerting. Subsequently finished up the next two miles at 8:05 and 8:21.

So, apparently I’m going to be able to squeeze a lot more speed out of the same exertion level if I can keep my foot strikes in the 90’s. I had planned to do seven miles today, but I started feeling a rock in my shoe that was aggravating me. I stopped at about 4.5 miles to pound my shoe out, put it back on, and I ran another couple of yards. Still had that rock sensation. Again I stopped, swept my finger in, put the shoe back on, and went at it again. Still had a piercing sensation. Stopped again, and I decided to check my foot to see if maybe the rock was stuck to me. Low and behold, after 4 years of running, I had my first blister show up. That was enough to call it a day for me. I guess running a 5k or less in Newton’s sockless is okay for me. Otherwise, my little pampered feet need some cushion.

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