A Post From The Mile High Club: Top Ten Signs Your A Triathlete At The Airport

Thanks to Gogo Wifi, this post is coming from seat 30C above 30,000 feet. Before I get to the fun stuff, I have to share with you the ordeal I just experienced. I just had the pleasure of sitting on a runway for 2.5 hours. First, our plane had a mechanical problem. Then the freak snow storm meant we had to get deiced, which took a 40 minute wait. Then when it was our turn, the de-icing truck ran out of fluid! So we had to wait for another truck. Then we got deiced, which took forever in this Boeing 757. Finally we taxied for another 20 minutes before taking off. So, instead of getting into Orlando around 4:30, we looking at around 7:00. Unlike many of my fellow travelers, I don’t blame the airlines fore anything except for constantly yelling at people to sit down. I would rather get deiced than not! Still though, I’m going to need a stiff one today.

Okay, in light of my Ironmen gawking today, I have created the top ten signs your a triathlete at the airport!

10: There is no stopping or standing in ANY of your zones.

9. Your wearing compression socks, Zoot sandals, an Ironman finisher shirt, and an M-dot visor…..all not color-coordinated.

8. You ask for an entire can of cold a Diet Coke, and then use it to massage/ice your plantar fasciitis.

7. When you get up to stretch in the aisle every 15 minutes, you include 30 second spin ups.

6. You touch nothing, but use one bottle of hand sanitizer each flight.

5. You race against the people on the moving sidewalk just to prove a point.

4. The only thing on your iPod is your trainer playlist, course videos, and all the NBC Kona promos for the last 15 years.

3. All of your luggage has GPS tracking on it.

2. You call it transitions instead of connections.

1. You set off the metal detector at security because you forgot to take off your heart monitor.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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