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Another Brick In The Wall

Been a fun week out here in Big Sky.

First up, I had a nice brick workout on Wed. Did the Solstice Triathlon route again, this time trying to hold a race wattage of around 160-170watts. Yeah, don’t laugh too hard. I’m trying to take it easier on the bike and save more for the run, which is my definite strength.

Like I said before, its really all down hill for the first half. On the first part, I stayed down in aero as much as possible, and was moving along at around 38-40 mph at times. Wind was a little dicey with the valleys, but nothing too drastic…on that day. Reached the turn around in about 17 min.

Since its all downhill on the first half, its all up on the way back. Plenty of false flats to break the will power down. Just paced myself in the 170 watt range up the hills; I may give a little more on race day because I wasnt even huffing at that range. Finished up the leg in about 41-42 minutes. Followed that up with a quick mile at around 8:15 pace. Plenty of jello in the legs until about 1/2 mile in, then my legs found themselves.

Followed that with a group run on Thursday with some of my marathon training buddies. I’m loving group running as it is so much easier to keep tempo. Ran about a 8:30 pace average, and we threw in a nice little 7:20 clip at the end. It was CRAZY windy. Like gusting up to 40knots. I was glad to have my hat, glasses, and frankly all the rest of my clothes while running through that.

Tonight, I’m taking the new wetsuit out finally for its first run. Its going to be a balmy sub 60 degree temp; it shouldn’t be too bad once the outer layer freezes.

Pics and posts to follow the big freeze! Don’t touch that dial!

Royal Air Force Second In Command Dies in Triathlon

With the lifestyles us triathletes live, it is easy to get used to the punishment a simple sprint triathlon can wreak on our bodies.

This fact is unfortunately all too clear with the recent news that a decorated military officer died during the RUN portion of a sprint triathlon this week. I have not heard the official cause of death at this point; I will keep everyone posted as details come in. The latest story can be found here:

Triathlon is a beautiful, yet tough sport. Before signing up and committing, please visit with your physician to discuss if the level of exercise needed to prepare for a triathlon is safe for you.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this loss.

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