Spontaneous Combustion

Bag O Sweat

I have some big plans this week for a nice LONG run in Florida, but after today, I think I will have to rethink that idea a little. During lunch, I skipped the cookies and headed out for a run. It was about 85 or so with not a cloud in a sky. With my sunglasses on, a nice breeze through the palm trees, and the smell of sunscreen, I was looking forward to a good 7-8 miles. It was shortly after entering the swamp again that I realized the obvious: compared to Montana, where its sleeting today, its freaking hot in Florida. Maybe it was the half naked, bikini clad beer vendors on the golf course I ran through (Yep, this hotel rocks!), but it wasn’t long before I was panting, burning hotter than a 3 Mile Island Nuclear Reactor and sweating like Madoff on the stand. I really didn’t have any troubles with my run; kept recovery pace around 8:42. I was just simply miserable though. At least my tan is working out.

After some more lectures in the afternoon, I got a chance to visit the “lap pool.” When I heard the resort had a lap pool, I was kind of like “yeah, right.” I expected it to be a tiny square thing about 10 yards in length and 3 feet deep. Low and behold, I was surprised to find a 3 lane 25 yard pool in the sunlight. I first I felt kind of self conscious doing laps amongst the sun worshipers crowded around, but I felt a whole lot better when another swimmer showed up in a swim cap and fins. No, I wasn’t wearing my Speedo either. Florida is not yet ready for such a display….Pounded out something between 1000-2000 yards. Topped off the whole experience with a Mojito and a nap.

Ill try my long run tomorrow in the AM. Hopefully, the Florida sun wont be to brutal. I would like to do an ocean swim, but I’d rather not get covered in oil.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Aright… I need to find hotels like this one! (I’m referring to the lap pools and such.. not the naked beer vendors. =/ )

    I wish I coulda been like you and skipped the cookies to run. Instead, I at the cookies, many of them, and then attempted to bike 30 miles. Prettty sure I’ve never burped more times in my life!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip señor Van!

  2. HA! Don’t worry, I skipped the cookies but I didn’t skip the beer! I have a pic of the lap pool somewhere in here…

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