Newton’s Update

So, time to revisit the eternal dilemma again. Its been about five months since adopting the Newtons. What do I think now?

In short, I think they are great. After the initial adjustment period, which I have to say was BRUTAL, they feel so natural on my feet. Surely, my speed has increased a ton over the last few months, but its not just because of the shoes. Ive been working hard to change from my jogging stride since last fall.

Not everything with the Newtons is taken in stride (no pun intended). 10k and under:good. Half-Mary: little dicey. Marathon: I cant even contemplate that right now. I know, Craig Alexander runs in his Newton’s for a whole marathon, but your forgetting….hes Craig freaking Alexander. You could probably cut his feet off and he would still run in Newtons. I’m hoping as my stride improves and the weight goes down, my feet will tolerate them better.

I’m also at that point where the question of money comes up. Ive very close to over running their lifespan, and the idea of dropping another 175 is nauseating. Right now, I’m kind of interested in seeing how the forefoot stride is going to play out in other shoes. As many have said, and I can surely attest, Newtons don’t make someone a forefoot runner, but I feel the shoe most definitely helped me train to become one.

I did some searching around on the internet for similar shoes, and the first thing that came up was the New Balance 800’s. Here’s an interesting Runner’s World article. I will have to take a look at those. I also have had great experiences with Zoot products, so I want to try them as well.

On a side note, I guess the Newton forefoot running program isn’t the only game in town. I took a look at something called Chi-Running and the Pose Method for running. Interesting stuff, but I will stick with my current game for now.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. I will keep my mouth shut about the shoes. At least you’re not telling me you’re gonna try your next marathon in Vibrams… =/

    Have you ever tried Asics DS Trainers?

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