Everything That Goes Down…..

….must go back up!

Despite being drained and sleep deprived, I decided to head out on the open road and preview the Solstice Triathlon course. Ive been struggling with my stability and comfort on the open road this year, and this ride was further proof of my need to hit the asphalt more. I have about 3 weeks until Onionman, and I have plenty of time to get reacquainted with the outdoors before then if I keep at it. For this first one, I had no particular training plan. Just noodling along and enjoying the scenery.

The Solstice Course. Had to cut it slightly at the turn around as they were washing the road. Added a climb to Lone Pine State Park at the end.

When I drove the course 2 weeks ago, I noticed that it seemed pretty downhill for the the first half. Thanks to the Garmin, and I can now confirm that it is all downhill for the first half save one bump at the beginning:

Racing In Montana

For the first half, you can really hammer it and fly. I was just cruising and still up in the low 20’s. Down in aero and cranking, I’m thinking near 30. Of course, nothing is free in life, and things change drastically after the turn around. As you guessed it, its pretty much up hill the whole way back with some brief cruising spots. I found lots of false flats, especially after the first return hill, that surprised me. I can see a lot of people thinking they crushed the first hill but wondering why it was so hard to pedal after cresting the top.

From the preview, I think I will attempt to efficiently and smoothly hammer the first half. Not tongue hanging out hammering, but taking it smooth and fast with good technique. On the way back, steady pacing from bottom to top of hills and hammer it on any cruising lengths.

Just noodling, I finished up around 47, so I’m feeling okay for at least a decent performance in June.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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