Objectively Quantifying My Suck: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test Results

One of the perks of working in a medical fitness facility is access to all the goodies and equipment. One such piece of equipment is our new cardiopulmonary exercise testing rig. It can do everything from basic stress testing to performance testing. As it was new, and we needed a guinea pig, I climbed on board and got ready to ride the pain train.

For those who haven’t done this, it involves a whole lot of wiring and a face mask that looks like something out of Silence Of The Lambs.

And you thought running with an iPod was hard.

Anyhow, after a whole lot of fiddling, I got to running. Started at 5.0mph, and increased by 0.5mph every minute. For me, I made it up to 10.0mph at 1.0%grade barely before calling it quits. Pretty disappointing results overall; my V02 came out at a paltry 45.3, which is 105% of my predicted. Anaerobic Threshold was at 8.0mph. I may have had something more left in me, and with a good warm up and mind set, I may be able to inch that up to 50 for now. It is a bit depressing as their is some genetic limit to how high V02 can go. My brother is way higher, so I’m still hoping I have more room than I fear to move.

Another great perk of my job is having a boss who has tested and trained world class runners. I mean WORLD class. Per him, I need more solid tempo work and intervals. In other words, more pain. Now that Im comfortable cruising along at 8:00min/mile, I need to do some good 2-4 miles of 6:45ish at a time. This weekend’s 15k is going to be a perfect chance. Rather than concentrate on chasing everyone down, Im just going to see how long at less than 7:20 I can hold it.

I still consider myself lucky though. Most people cant get enough feedback on their performance at work. At my job, my boss can give me a 10 page report on how much I suck, with percentages and graphs!

For my local readers, if your interested in having this torture…. I mean process done, send me an email and we can get your scheduled up. Their is a price for it, but I can get you a good deal.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Not gonna lie… 45 surprised me. Don’t take that as a diss.. take that as an “I see great [supafast] things in your future!” And you’re right – the shorter races are just perfect for speed work! I owe a lot of my “tempos” to weekend 10ks!

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