Splint Goes The Shin

Ive been visited today by an old friend, Mr. Shin Splints. It probably has to do something with my ramping up training and the 15k on Sunday and the fact I need some new shoes. Maybe.

Anyhow, training has been going well, but it feels like forever since Ive been on my bike. Yesterday, had a 3 mile recovery run followed by a good 2200 yard swim. Today, was back on the track for 60 minutes with 2x1mile @ 7:25 and 7:02. Rest was around 8:30 for a total of 7 miles. Funny thing, I got struck with a case of cramps again mid run and had to take a potty break. I don’t think this is a trend, but just bad timing. Ive been having an upset stomach lately as has the rest of my house.

Hopefully tonight, after a good dinner, I can my butt on the trainer. I might just have to bribe myself with a good movie. Any suggestions?

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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