My Gym Is The Lord Of The Rings

There is one ring to rule them all, and its a .125mi indoor track in Montana. You’ve all heard that insanity can be defined by repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting change. Well, after my run yesterday, you can surely call me insane. 10 miles on the indoor track, eight laps to a mile, a total of 80 laps.

Round and round I went, and I think that onlookers were wondering if I was in some sort of locked in seizure. In fact, the only reason I stopped was when someone from NASA called all concerned that my repetitive motion was throwing the rotation of the Earth off.

Insane or not, I love it. Kept a good recovery pace. Also threw in 2×0.5 miles at 7:00 and 1X 1.0 mile at 7:40 to stretch the legs. Had some back pain last night, but nothing a cold home brew couldn’t fix.

Back at it today with more insanity: back and forth in the pool. 400y warm up, 8X100y with 50y sprint and 50y recover, 8X50 with 25y sprint, and 25y recovering, 100 kick, and 2X300y T-Pace. Total of 2300.

Maybe that’s really why I like racing some much..being outside on the open road/water provides a brief period of sanity in life. Like what I did there?

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Track. Hmmm.. don’t know if I should say I love it, or hate it. I can for SURE say I hate any track less than 400 meters though, so you get big kudos from me on that one.

    The indoor track at my gym is even smaller – 11 laps per mile. Good for absolutely nothing… except killer shin splints and ITBS. I did use it the other day with 1 min core/1 lap x 15 though. That was fun. =/

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