Going Nowhere Fast

I wish I had one of these. Wait.. actually I dont.

Its been a fun few days of going absolutely nowhere fast. Last week was the pinnacle of masochistic Endurance Nation behavior: test week. Basically, its when I go and figure out what my new baseline is. Anything faster is better. Slower…well, I don’t want to even fathom what that would mean.

First up, the 42 minute functional threshold power test. If you need to get warm and fuzzy with FTP, here is a link to a good article. The test is 20 minutes hard, 2 minutes rest, and 20 minutes hard again. The idea is to pace yourself evenly so that by the end of each 20 minutes, you think your about to die. After hammering it out, my FTP has bumped up to 188 from 183. Moving in the right direction to get to me goal of 200 this year. Im up roughly 17% since January to boot.

No rest for the weary. The day after, hit the track for a 5k time trial. As you guessed, basically race a 5k with the right pacing to feel like you died again at the end. Prior PR was 21:05. Finished up this one in just a little of 20:01, I may try again this week as things were a little screwed up as I had to stop 0.125 short for a work emergency. Talk about a tease! This bumps my vDot up to 47 from 45, again inching closer to my goal of 50 this year.

Being a triathlete, of course we had to throw in the swim also. After a warm up, hammered out 1000 yards at race pace. Not so much of a bump here, but a bump none the less. Prior Threshold pace was 1:45. New Threshold pace is now 1:44.

After all that, I was pretty toasted to say the least. So, of course, to ease out the legs, I pumped out a 3 hour indoor trainer ride last night complete with 4x zone 4-5. No, I have not fully regained sanity after that experience.

There are some things in life a human should not be subjected too, like a Yanni concert. You can add a 3 hour trainer ride to that list.

Today, back in the pool for some more work. And then a nice soak in the bacteria churner, aka hot tub, and the sauna.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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