Great Northern Cycles = Great Northern Whoop Ass

There’s nothing quite like a good old but whipping to give great perspective in life. After this week, I can say I have a very good perspective on my cycling ability. Finally, after weeks of conflicts, I was able to make the Wed night ride with the Great Northern Cycles team out of Whitefish. Dun dun duuuuuunnn!

Mother nature gave us a break this week; nothing but great sunshine with occasional little storms moving through. Condition on ride day was calm wind, roughly 80, and not a cloud in sight. In short, perfect. Far from what my home state of Virginia was feeling (104!!!) at that moment. LOL…I mean, sorry guys.

I met up with the team at the GNC store, in Whitefish, and after some mingling, a group of about 15 headed out into the hills. For the first part of the ride, they took things easy, which was good as I have been in a pack ride exactly once in the last 15 years. Ive got some skillz to work on, especially when cornering. I’m happy to say that I did not cause the whole team to wreck on my first night out.

After a good hour, the pain began. Two small bumps started things off, and before I could say “steroids” I was falling to the back. Despite the tough crowd, they werent about not having fun for everyone. One of the guys paced me back up to the front. I got to hang for a while with them, but sure enough, the train dropped me off in Turtleville as the speeds approached the 30mph mark.

Even with being left behind, the ride was spectacular. Nothing but clear blue skies while I carved my way through mountain valleys. And being out on the road alone with the wind is something I’m used to thankfully.

As it was a point to point ride, I was able to rejoin the pack, again, as they headed back to Whitefish. They let me stay awhile again, but it wasn’t long before they gave it some more gas and off I went. At the very end, some of the pack loosened up and paced me all the way back home. Topped the evening off with a nice glass of beer from the local brewery.

While it totally sucked to have my need for better cycling reaffirmed 3-4 times in one night…it was GREAT training. It was some pain that I could never reproduce on a trainer without a well placed cattleprod. Ill surely be back next week, as long as my ass heals before then.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Aright… next time I’m being dropped by my too-fast boyfriend, or the super speedy kids on my team, I need to remember your attitude here and put a smile on. It IS good training… despite the well-that-sucks… feeling of seeing your teammates get farther and farther ahead. Thanks for the attitude-check!

  2. Woa.. you just changed your layout since I posted that comment. I like it!

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