FTP: Feel The Power

If you believe in the adage, “no pain, no gain,” then Ive had enough gain to make the national deficit jealous.

I used my performance at last weekend’s race, something that I have started calling “2 second-gate,” to motivate me to get some good workouts in before the taper starts up for Calgary.

On Monday, got in a good swim of about 1500 yards to work out some soreness in my shoulders. On Tuesday, went for the gold and threw in a FTP test.

Goal for this year was to get north of 200 watts for FTP. I was elated to find that my new FTP is 202, with plenty of year to go. Ive managed a 24% increase since January.

Despite having legs so jelly like that Bill Cosby called me up, hit the pavement again on Wed for a six miler with 2X1 intervals. Not as fast as I wanted to be for the day, but it hurt plenty enough.

On Thursday and Friday, I got slammed with back to back 14 hour days, so I gave my body some time to “recuperate.” Back at this morning with my all important half-ironman pacing test run. Basically, I wanted to see how my body might feel with the pace goals Ive set for Calgary. My plan is to run 9:00 min pace for the first 3 miles, then up to a 8:30 pace for the remaining 10 miles. I started the run early this morning with no food or drink, so I could better approximate how bad I may feel during the race. Here are the results:

As expected, I was feeling pretty rough around mile 10, but nothing horrible.

One more thing to do this week, a 3 hour trainer ride tomorrow morning followed by a three mile run. Early to bed for me!

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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