I Got Told to Go North Fork Yourself….

Thanks to apparent divine intervention, I did not have a bus load of kids needing physicals or some meeting to go to this Wed, and I finally made it to the Great Northern Cycles Team ride again. I was feeling pretty drained before the ride, and I even had to resort to a 30 minute power nap before heading out to Whitefish.

With the possibility of storms coming and some clouds that looked more menacing than a BP oil rig, we had a pretty light crowd, maybe about 15. Route was the usual ride up to the North Fork of the Flathead river.

Started out with our usual nice and easy pace. Ive been working on my cornering some and I was able to hold some wheels around the bends this time. Was still feeling kind of sluggish as we neared the two hills signaling the beginning of the “real ride,” but I decided to give it my best. Sure enough, up the pace goes on the first hill. I concentrated on sticking as close as I could on a wheel and I was able to stay with pack up the first hill. Recovered for a bit on the downside, and then back up again for the second hill. Gritted the teeth and stuck on a wheel like MSG on rice. Low and behold, I was still with the pack as we neared the top of the second hill. Then out of the blue, someone decided to spice it up; the burst of speed at the top was just too much for these legs of mine.

It wasn’t long before, again, I was moving along the road by myself up to the North Fork. I wasn’t too upset as I needed to practice holding my Ironman pace for next weekend’s half iron. Settled into around 160-170 watts and enjoyed the solitude of the road. When the group flipped, I got to stick with the pack for a bit, but my legs just didn’t have it in them to step it up when they decided to get back to business. Got some good data this time:

The Ride Up To The North Fork

[/Still, a great day for training, even if its the toughest time Ive had out with the team.

Still, a great day for training, even if its the toughest time Ive had out with the team. Well, only one thing to do now…try again next week.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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