Cruising At 100km/h….I Must Be In Canada.

Finally, this show is on the road! Just endured the six hour drive from Kalispell to Calgary and I’m now nestled into my room at the Westin. I can’t complain about the accommodations, especially since I booked a suite for dirt cheap like 10 months ago when I thought the whole family was coming with me. At least my bike will have plenty of room to stretch out…..

Drive from Montana was one of extremes: extreme boredom and extreme beauty. Initially started out hugging the Rockies. As I went more North, the mountains started rising above tree line and the exposed sheer rock faces were something to behold. I made my way through historic Crowsnest Pass in British Columbia, and then into the foothills. It was there, with field after flat field, that the boredom set in. Pretty menacing clouds all the way, but not really any exciting precipitation to spice things up.

Luckily, made it with 10 minutes to spare at packet pick up. Now I can leisurely enjoy packing my transition bags tonight instead of rushing to get everything done tomorrow.

Speaking of which…

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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