58 miles, A Camera, And An Ipod: Calgary Bike Course Scouting Report.

Just got back from being in the car FOREVER. Scouting the course took much longer than I thought, but it was well worth it.

It has been quite a hectic morning here in Canada. Rose bright and early and ate a HUGE breakfast. I think I freaked out the waitress with how much I devoured. I surely got my money’s worth out of the hot buffet. After, picked up two new water bottles at the expo. Then headed out to transition 1, which was about a 45 minute drive from the hotel. Dropped off my T2 bag and my bike:

In the rack

All I can really say about T1 is that I really hope it doesn’t rain over night. Not much cover out there:

Just downhill of T1 is the swim start/exit. I got a chance to put my little toes in. Cold? Yes. Too cold? Nah.
We go straight out from the boat ramp below and hang a left to swim under the yellow bridge in the top left corner.

After setup, I hit the open road to check out a course described as “challenging” by race officials. Having completed the route, I can say that on this course you are either going downhill, or going uphill. Not much of flat to be had around these parts. Lucky for me, I like the hills, so this should play in my favor. What kind of hills you ask? Well lets take a look at some parts of the course.

Its flat enough coming out of transition. But the ups and downs start within the first three miles:

Some false flats.

Before mile 10, the real bumps start to show up:

More where that came from:

Here’s the big one coming out of Cochrane, a little over half way:

Cochrane Hill Part 1

Cochrane Hill Part 2

So in short, this race is moderately hilly. But some good descents too.  How most people were able to pull this off last year around 2:45 beats me. I heard there was a huge tailwind in 2009; maybe we will get some luck from Mother Nature tomorrow.

Okay, after all that driving, I’m ready for a nap!

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