Monthly Archives: August 2010 Attacked By Hackers

If you’re part of the Ironman family, then you know about the problems with athlete tracking that happened this weekend during IM Louisville and IM Canada. As is turns outs, the website was the victim of a Cyberattack from somewhere in Russia. This same attack afflicted Facebook and Twitter recently.

I am a bit puzzled by the point of such an attack. In any case, I think someone picked the wrong fight. If there is anyone you DON’T want chasing you, its an Ironman triathlete. Hopefuly, authorities can can make some headway in this case.

Blitzkrieg to Frenchtown

No rest for the weary. I’m currently making my way through week 4. Today’s recipe was for 60 min on trainer with 2X12 zone 4 followed by a quick brick run. I hammered this out during lunch today. Prior to this, I was hoping to schedule a massage as my back was killing me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get one in today, and the subsequent workout plus 4 hour drive to Helena has left my back feeling as good as Paris Hilton after a trip to Vegas.

Luckily, the pub I’m in has some Helena Blackfoot IPA to combat the pain. I like hops long time.

For the rest of the week, Ill be slowing down as I have one last race this weekend. The final party of the season is the Montana Community College Olympic Triathlon in Frenchtown, MT. Supposedly pancake flat, I’m hoping for one last good performance this year.

In the meantime, I need to concentrate on fixing my back…

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