Photo Evidence Of The Pain

As a past photographer, I feel obliged to by at least one set of my race pics every year. Naturally, with Calgary being my main race for the season, this made sense, despite the damage reliving the events may do to my mind.

First up, here is the water start. It was much darker when I started at 6:20. If its looks hazy, its probably because of all the mosquitoes.

This is by far my favorite. Caught me right in the middle of my levitation illusion coming out of the swim. Eat your heart out Chris Angel!

Heading out of T1 now. I saw that guy with the Dr. Seus jersey a couple of times that day:

Climbing. Lots of this pose that day:

On to the run about mile 2. If I recall, I remember wondering at this time if my back was going to give out before the end of the run:

Giving my one last kick while coming down the finishers chute:

And the exact moment my mind went from looking for the finish line to looking for a beer!

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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