Back To The Future: The 2011 Season Goals

So my A race for this year has come and gone. What’s next? First, lots of ice cream, pizza, and beer. Check, check, and double check. Next up is retrospect. Then, its time to plan next year. So, first things first….

The 2010 Retrospect
Overall, I’m happy with my progress this year. This is my second year of full on triathlon, and my goals for 2010 were:
1. Remain middle of the pack or slightly better.
2. FASTER…in every way.

Indeed, I have remained lodged middle of the field tighter than a BP oil well cap (aka slightly tight).I also had a couple of good performances. I improved my highest age group placing to 4th. I had some top three finishers in foot races. While that sounds nice and dandy, I’m first to admit that those shining moments depended just as much on who showed up as my training. In regards to swim and run times, I have new PR’s in every event:

5k – 20:09
10k – 46:43,
Half-Mary – 1:57.
Swim – 1:32/100y.

In regards to cycling, I have dug myself out of the pits to a FTP of 202, racking up a 24% increase over 7 months.

At the same time, it’s been a tough year for training. With a new job, new state, new side of the country, new baby daughter, new business, new house; life has been ….complicated. Even with the reduced schedule secondary to not putting an Ironman on the calendar this year, it’s been hard for this obsessed triathlete to hold on to the training schedule consistently. Fortunately, 8 months into my new life in Montana, things are finally starting to settle into stability. Work is good. Starting to know the safe ride routes. In the groove with the local cycling team. Starting to get a grip on the unique weather. My beer making skills are improving. Things are primed for an excellent 2011.

The 2011 Season Plan:
Okay, here are my official goals for 2011:

1. Sub 12 hour Ironman at Coeur d’ Alene
2. Sub 5:45 Half Ironman
3. Top 3 age group finish in a triathlon
4. Sub 20:00 5k
5. Sub 46:00 10K
6. Sub 1:50 Half
7. Sub 4 hour Marathon
8. Sub 1:15 Ironman swim.

So how am I going to do this? First up, I’m going to be spending a lot more time on form, drills, and training rather than racing all over the place. I’m limiting my sprint triathlons and focusing more on Olympic and greater. In regards to specific training, I will FINALLY be including some core exercises and weight sessions. To improve my technique, I’m enlisting the help of swim and running coaches; perks of working in a medical fitness facility. A couple of my teammates have also used, and that looks very promising.

As for the schedule, everything is based around Coeur d’Alene on June 25, 2011 and Ironman Arizona. As for the past two years, I will use the ultra awesome Endurance Nation training and coaching to guide me overall. Here’s the schedule:

Start Date: 8/9/10 – Advanced Outseason Training Plan for 28 weeks

Start Date: 2/21/11 – Transition Phase for 2 weeks

Start Date: 3/7/11 – Race Prep for Ironman Coeur d’Alene for 12 weeks

Start Date: 6/27/11 – Break for 1 week

Start Date: 7/4/11 – Transition Phase for 2 weeks

Start Date: 7/18/11 -General Prep for 6 weeks

Start Date: 8/29/11 -Race Prep for Ironman Arizona 12 weeks

Start Date: 11/21/11 -Drink a whole lot of wine and beer.

Lofty agenda? Maybe. Crazy schedule? Probably. Fun? Absolutely. Four more days until we start. Now pass me a deep fried beer.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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