Triathlete Rescued By Twitter

You know what they call a tweet in France?

Just by the sheer fact I have blog, you know I’m loving the internet’s plethora of electronic communication options. And now, there looks like there is a reason for Twitter and Facebook besides stalking good looking triathletes…er I mean, keeping connected to family and friends. Just ask Leigh Fazzina and she will be glad to IM you all about how Twitter became the little bird that saved her behind.

Fazzina was on the mountain bike leg of a triathlon in Farmington, Conn this past weekend. Wisely concentrating on not biting it on the trail, she inadvertently went off road from off road. It wasn’t long before she was lost in the woods. As luck would have it, it also wasn’t long before she catapulted on some roots and was lying on the ground in bad shape. After a frantic half and hour without assistance, she tweeted her predicament to her some 1000 followers. Thanks to her digital lifeline, emergency personnel found her soon.

Her luck doesnt end there. After Fazzina was transported to the University of Connecticut Medical Center, she was found to have no life threatening injuries.

You can check out the original article here. You know it wont be long before we can tweet or update facebook right from our handlebars or watch. I can see it now; “Greg is on mile 18 at 256 watts” or “Greg has been 10 feet below water surface for ten minutes” or “Greg has stopped in the porta potty; he needs toilet paper.”

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