Unboxing Newton’s Gravity

Anyone who saw the pics of my running shoes from my Calgary posts know that I need a new pair more than Lindsey Lohan needs permanent rehab.

Lucky me, thanks to some excellent sales at Trisports.com, I got myself a good discount on a replacement pair, and the brown box of goodness arrived today. Lets get unboxing!

First up, my shoes came in a recycled box, which I always appreciate. Not quite as green as Puma’s box, but its a good effort nevertheless:

*Warning, the following image should not be viewed without special light filtering sunglasses*
Flip of the lid and there they are: 2010 Newton Gravity Performance Trainers:

Needless to say, they are WAY more blue than I imagined they would be. From a distance, its going to look like I’m running with giant blueberries on my feet.

Construction wise, another top notch job from Newton:

The infamous

I was wondering if I would have to repeat the same level of torture during the break in period as I had when I first started running in the Newtons. I put three miles in today, and I’m happy to report there good right out of the box if your already used to running in Newtons.

For the uninitiated, these bad babies represent some radical, and controversial, theories about effective running. There is way too little time to get into all that now, but you can go here for GREAT info.

My shoes prior to this were the performance racers. The Gravity has more cushion and are designed for the longer runs. I’m hoping with these, I won’t get some of that horrible fore foot pain I have around mile 11 of the long runs. Weight wise, the feel minimally heavier than the racers.

Going to put the shoes through their paces tomorrow on an easy 10k. Will report more then.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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