Starting The Hard Way: The Out Season Day 1 of 196

Well, today is the first day of my training for next year, and boy what a day it was. We got things right off the bat with an FTP test. Last test was over a month ago, and my current FTP is 202 watts. Not wanting to wait for the evening, I headed home for “lunch” and saddled up on the bike. Diet prior was a cheese bagel in the AM, one coffee with 2 shots of espresso, and a handful of Jelly Belly’s. After a 15 minute warm up, I was feeling pretty limber. Down goes the start button and I’m on the 42 minute ride through Dante’s Inferno.

The first few minutes went pretty smooth. A little lower than what I wanted to be out, but I figured things would even out as I moved on. Right around 11 minutes, things were starting to turn sour. Just started feeling complete drained. Thanks to some good iPod steroids, I pushed my way through to the 2 minute break. Average watts at that time was hovering just under my FTP. As I started up the second 20 minutes, I could feel my body starting to give in. It wasn’t long before I was barely pushing 170 watts while gasping like a porn star. (Seriously, I don’t even want to know what my neighbors think they heard through the open window). At 37:30ish, I was out of gas and I decided to call it. Here’s the evidence of the pain:

For the truly geeky, here is the quadrant analysis:

From this, you can see I was ride mostly in an area of high force and low cadence, like I was climbing.

Here are the numbers:

Entire workout (187 watts):
Duration: 37:24
Work: 418 kJ
TSS: 54.8 (intensity factor 0.946)
Norm Power: 191
VI: 1.02
Pw:HR: 11.6%
Pa:HR: 2.74%
Elevation Gain: 726 ft
Elevation Loss: 716 ft
Grade: 0.0 % (11 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 2 223 187 watts
Heart Rate: 107 169 161 bpm
Cadence: 32 153 82 rpm
Speed: 0 79.8 77.0 mph
Pace 0:45 0:00 0:47 min/mi
Altitude: 3026 3119 3070 ft
Crank Torque: 2 388 193 lb-in

The worst thing to take from this experience is to get disheartened. There is a LOT of training to do between now and show time next year. Better to learn and fix. Two things were the likely cause of my disaster today. One, a handful of jelly beans is probably not adequate before a 42 minute TT. Second, I still could be a little drained from the 70.3 from last week. In either case, it was a good workout, and it surely got my heart rate up. Rematch sometime soon.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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