How Greg Got His Groove Back: Week 3

Glacier Park In The Fall. Barbara Johnson

Its been a quiet week here in north Montana…..the weather is starting to cool (FROST warning tonight) and the days are getting shorter. Even had the heater on last night in the study. As our side of the world settles into the fall and winter, my training is plunging into the frigid abyss known as the out season. In case it hasn’t seemed obvious from my posts, the out season is a lot of short workouts with high intensity. Typically done in the pain cave on the treadmill or bike trainer. Luckily, I have two off days a week to regain sanity….and swim.

Last week went very well. I was able to stick to the plan like a wetsuit on Jabba the Hut. Friday, put in a quick 45 minute hard ride with 2x8min Zone 4. Followed that up with a drainer session on the patio on Saturday. Punched out another 2x8min Zone 4 followed by a 10 minute brick run. If any of you think it would be more exciting and easier to be outside in the sun and breeze on the trainer, your wrong. Lets just say my wife had to break out the garden hose on me.


On Sunday, finished the week off in a 50 minute run with 1X0.5 mi and 2X1 mi @ 3:40, 7:20, and 7:06.

Despite the new intensity, my body is feeling great. Sleep is better. My weight is holding around 146, despite a hankering craving for ice cream these days. I dare not over do it though. I have 25 more weeks before I even START race specific training for Coeur d’ Alene. One day at a time.

Today was a rest day… I hit the pool for 1500y of drills from Felt great, and speed hasn’t seemed to diminish at all despite not swimming as much. I will get a good feel of how things are going swim wise this weekend during the Whitefish Lake Swim. Put on by my work, its a straight 1 mile swim; no bike or run. I always welcome a chance to get out in the open water, so this should be refreshing.

Okay, sleep is as important as intervals. Up and at em tomorrow with 3X10 zone 4 intervals on the drainer.

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