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A Day Off In Glacier

Today was a day off for me. Not a wasted day; these rest days are just as important as the hardcore days. As the parents are in town for one more day, and the weather was super clear, it was a perfect day to hit the park.

Unfortunately, due to the need to finish a lot of construction work before the snow sets in, the west side of the Going to the Sun Road was closed. Thus, to get into the park, we had to drive all the freaking way around the park to the east side. This turned a three hour round trip into a eight hour ordeal.

Nevertheless, the scenery is especially beautiful on the east side of the park this time of the year. Here are some of the high res photographs for you to enjoy.

Top Ten Facebook Alternatives You’ve Never Heard Of…Thankfully

Facebook. So fascinating how this one little website has ingrained itself into modern society. Everyone and their grandmother, heck, even great grandmother, is on it. It isn’t going to be long before social circles that fall out of “mainstream society” catch on and begin their own FBook versions. That got me thinking…what would such sites be called? Thus, without further adieu, I bring you the top ten Facebook alternative that we hopefully will never hear of:

10. BurningBook – for Neo Nazis

9. PocketBook – for pick pockets

8. ItsACookBook – for Aliens living secretly among us

7. PhoneBook – for prank callers

6. LateBook – for Librarians

5. ColoringBook – for Painters

4. InstructionBook – for everyone who hates Ikea furniture

3. PaperBook – for IRS employees

2. MatchBook – for Smokers

1. CheckBook – for Triathletes addicted to Ceramic.

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