Silent But Deadly

No, this is not a post about my dog. Although it could be. Do they make dogs without colons or bladders?

Its been a little while since my last post. As you may imagine, things are little busy around these parts with work, baby, and dog. Luckily, for the sanity of my wife, the season is well over for 2010. No more races until next April. Its already sticking pretty steady in the upper 50’s to low 60’s here and the mountains already got a dusting a snow. As such, the bike is hibernating in the pain cave for the winter and I’m becoming reacquainted with the dreadmill.

Despite that, I’m plowing away with the training harder than ever. My sessions are shorter but packed with intensity. This fits pretty well with my schedule as I only need an hour or two a day to kill myself. I haven’t been in the pool much, but I did sneak in a swim yesterday. Was great to be back in the water. Running is going well. My form is having some trouble lately, and I think it may be time for some orthotics. More on that later.

Cycling has been on the upswing. Legs are feeling stronger, and my intervals have me right at my AT pretty consistently. I just finished up a one hour session with 2X 15 Zone 4-5. Here is the WKO data:

Yesterday, put in a quick run during lunch, sans running mates (Yes…YOU):

Ignore split 1....Garmin was apparently lost.

All in all, my body is pretty sore, but I’m loving it. Weight has remained stable at 147 despite my insatiable appetite for all things sweet lately. Guess that’s why my wife and I are spending more time together 🙂

Another neat thing Ive tried recently is landing me some SOLE orthotics. I had a video bike fitting done last month, and from the analysis, I definitely have some foot arch problems, which in turn has led to some knee tracking problems. Recommendation was for orthotics, and I began searching for someone local to make custom cycling orthotics. Turns out, finding that here is as easy as finding another Asian in Montana. Luckily, thanks to the combined IQ of Endurance Nation, I got directed to SOLE orthotics.

For the un-initiated, these “semi-custom” foot huggers mold to your feet with repeated use. If your truly in-patient, like myself, you can also bake your orthotics for a quick fix. Yep, bake your orthotics.

Per the instructions, after these 40 dollar biscuits arrived, I put them in the oven at 200 degrees, added some salt and pepper to taste, and let’em heat for 3 minutes. After that, shoved them in my cycling cleats, followed them with my feet, stood for 3 minutes, and Shazam, custom orthotics.

I know it sounds gimmicky, but after a few adjustment sessions and some Ibuprofen, they feel great. My knees are loving it. My bank account is also happy as custom orthotics can run 4-5 Benjamins….that’s one IM entry fee!

I’m going to take the next step and get a set for my running shoes. If I post from the podiatry office next, you know it did not go well. Now, If I could just get my dog to stay away from my shoes…

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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