Here Comes The Darkness

The winds of change are here in Montana. The days are becoming colder. The mornings darker. Snow is on the horizon. And training has become an exercise in mental fortitude.

No more days of running in the shadow of the Rockies or riding in Glacier Park. My bike is now essentially permanently attached to the indoor trainer and the treadmill doesn’t look like a Old Navy sales rack anymore.

Currently, I’m right in the middle of the Endurance Nation Outseason. Luckily, unlike other teams, we don’t use the winter to build up lots of low intensity time. This is very good for my sanity because there is not enough TV in the world that can make a 4 hour trainer ride enjoyable. Instead, we focus on short HIGH intensity workouts until Spring. For example, a one hour trainer ride might include 40 minutes of time trialing near my FTP. My 60 minute run tomorrow includes 2 miles of sprinting. We also don’t swim. Yeah, you heard me. We don’t swim. Just some intermittent form work.

Despite the increased intensity, boredom, and endless battle with puddles of sweat, I’m loving it. My body is feeling more “alive” than ever (ie SORE) and I feel stronger and faster. I have had to juggle workouts a few times, but I’ve been getting everything on the schedule in. Weight has also been stable, unlike last year, when I gained ten pounds at the beginning of the OS. Currently, I’m sitting at 149.

Like many Montanans, I’m eagerly looking forward to snow. With La Nina, we are expecting an increased amount of snow and arctic temperature (sub -10). This combination is going to give me plenty of opportunity to try my hand at cross country skiing. I think its going to be a good winter….and a good next season.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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