Top Ten Signs You Are A Triathlete on Halloween

Judging from the sudden increase in cost per pound of pumpkin, it must be that time of year to celebrate our love of refined sugar and cosplay. It’s now just a mere 6 days until Halloween, and if you haven’t got your hands dirty carving or raiding the candy jar, you had better step up your game.

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for Halloween. Not that gory, let see how many teens we can fit in a makeshift haunted house type Halloween, but the cute Disney version. Our house has been decorated for a good two weeks with spiders, animated ghosts, and even a talking witch. The strobe lights and fog machine are in the closet waiting to be unleashed.

With the season in full swing, I think it’s a great time for another top ten list. So here we are: The Top Ten Signs Your A Triathlete On Halloween.

10. Instead of candy, you hand out GU, Hammer drink mix, and Salt Tabs.

9. Your idea of a scary movie night is watching a bunch of “crawling to the finish line” videos on YouTube.

8. Your packing for Florida.

7. You went to the office party wearing Newtons, compression socks, m-dot running ensemble, and an M-dot visor; your coworkers are confused when you say your Ironman.

6. As a prank, crazy sneaky you switched your riding partners pre workout Gatorade with the post workout Gatorade.

5. You know exactly how many calories are in a piece of Candy Corn.

4. You refuse to eat Candy Corn

3. As a scary decoration, you put three port a potties in front of your house surrounded by crushed paper cups.

2. Thanks to your reflective, blinky winter running gear, you and your kids are visible in the dark over half a mile away.

1. You carved an M-Dot Pumpkin.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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