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Top Ten Signs You Are A Triathlete on Black Friday

Oh joy. Its that time of year where every American exercises his or her inalienable right to get trampled to death at Walmart. Maybe its my fondness of internet shopping or the stories of crazy ass shoppers, but Black Friday to me is one of those days that’s like a permanent pimple in the armpit of America. But, hey, sometimes you need the sub par electronics that Wal-Mart is selling. No one likes to run the gauntlet alone and for your aid I give the top ten signs your a triathlete on Black Friday so you can find your comrades.

10. When you set up camp outside of Best Buy one week prior, you brought a treadmill with you.

9. You were the only person standing in front of the heating pads/Bengay section in Wal-Mart at 11:59 PM Thursday.

8. You were late to the door opening at Kohls at 4:00 AM because you decided to throw one more 800m interval at the track.

7. To be safe, you lined up about 20 feet back from the doors at Walmart and then crawled over the slow pokes when the store opened.

6. You have a WKO file date 11/25/10 @ 0600 that shows a HR spike at the beginning and an even larger one at the end of the session.

5. By the time the second shopper in Target had picked a cart, you were already transitioning from electronics to housewares.

4. When an old lady jostled you for a spot before the doors at TJ Max opened, you responded by pulling off her glasses, giving an elbow to the side, and peeing in your pants next to her.

3. You know that optimal distance for shopping cart drafting is 6 inches.

2. You carb loaded the night before.

1. Even though you stuck to the “deals and necessities” you still spent 8 grand on new tri gear.

Turn Your Pain Cave Into a Pain Orchard: The Apple TV Review

Most of us are fully bunkered away in our pain caves, spending evening after evening sweating out intervals. for hours. Needless to say, having some good distraction in our “pain caves” is a necessary defense against insanity. Triathletes have tried everything: Boombox, iPods, cell phones, and TV’s. Before long, with all these electronics lying around our bikes and treadmills, our cave looks like a smelly, sweaty Circuit City…..or just Circuit City. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could combine everything together in one nice little package without having to watch it on a screen smaller than a Joule? Behold, my tech conscious tri geeks, the fully operational battlesta….I mean..Apple TV!

The Basics:
So, I would consider myself a techie, but not a super techie by any means. So I am going to skim over most of the useless details and cut to the chase: whether it works or not. Basically, Apple TV is a tiny little box that you connect to your TV via a HDMI cable. It wirelessly connects to the internet, and in turn streams things like movies, tv shows, music, and photos to your presumably big ass TV. Prior to the current version of Apple TV, you had to download materials and sync with the Apple TV Unit before watching it. Now, with the dimunitive black Apple TV all that inconvenience is avoided.

Now with the new model, you can stream movies from any Mac or idevice. So iPad to TV. iTunes on your MAC to TV. iPod to TV. So, per the folks in Cupertino, you could be sitting on your trainer, iPod in hand, and beaming tunes or Ironman videos to your TV during Zone 4. So, does it work? Lets get unboxing..


Boxing is in true Apple fashion. Simple. Clean. Same on the inside.

Still simple on the inside.

Underneath the TV Unit is the swank remote.

Sexy, dont you think?

Out of the box, two cables in…..

And there we have it:


And how well does the streaming work you ask?

Since installing it last night, the family and I have been exploring a whole new world of entertainment. HD Youtube Videos, Netflix, iTunes movies, iTunes music. It works. It works very well. And no, it does not upload movies on a geological time scale. 20 seconds max for a full HD film. TV shows in 15-20 seconds.

Another quick point that initially led me away from Apple TV is the fact that it puts out in only 720P. For some reason that maybe the guys at Best Buy can tell you, it doesn’t matter when it comes to streaming video. HD video looks SUPERB.

My only negative so far is that you need to have a good router for this thing. I had a two year old N+ draft router, and that made load times a little too long. So I upgraded to the “pretty fast” router today, and now things work like clockwork. So in short…

It works. It works well.
Its a no brainer.
Installation takes about three minutes.

Make sure your wireless network is up to date.
Still cant stream videos taken with your iPhone camera or third party apps. Well, not legally.

And does it make riding indoors a whole lot better? Im sorry, I cant hear you over the awesome I’m controlling on my big screen with my iPad.

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