Pay Back Is A Bitch: Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty to Killing Triathlete

With all the “hit and run” stories out there, it is very rare that our community gets closure with these events. Fortunately, a family in KY can have some sense of justice.

In 2009, 47 yo John Carr was killed during a triathlon after being struck from behind by 27 yo Kenneth Yates, who was driving drunk. Carr was pronounced dead at the scene. Following the accident, Yates punched a police officer and fled. He was brought back to the scene by his mother.

Face of a drunk driver: Kenneth Yates

Yates had been charged with murder, drunken driving and several other charges, but pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and will spend the next 15 years in prison.

The victims wife, Sunni Carr, said she had confronted Yates following her husband’s death.

“I let him know that he had just taken a father away from a 5-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl,” said Carr.

Yates was reported to show no emotions during his Friday hearing.

“He shows no signs of being sorry or anything,” said Jerry Carr, the victims father,”And that bothers me.”

Carr’s wife said now she can focus on the real issue — pushing for a vehicular homicide law in Kentucky.

“I love my state and I don’t want other families to have to make some of those same decisions,” she said.

Hopefully, this tragic effect will highlight the dangers we face on road every day. Just remember, you can’t buy bottle rockets in most states, but any moron with some cash can by a 3000 pound vehicle and drive it to his local bar.

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