Money Matters….Especially When You Hit and Run A Cyclist: The Erzinger Debacle

I hate to post about this right after the good news I had to share about the hit and run incident in Tennessee. Unfortunately, this event was so gut wrenching, tear my eye balls out bad that I, as a member of the non motorized two wheel community (aka healthy people), felt obliged to rant.

On July 3, Dr. Steven Milo was riding his bike in Vail, Colorado when he was struck from behind by Martin Erzinger. Erzinger, ignoring the principles of civilized society, fled the scene. He only stopped later so he could call Mercedes to inform them he had a broken side mirror. Meanwhile, Dr. Milo, a transplant surgeon, was left for dead. He has suffered permanent, disabling brain and spinal damage from his injuries.

Erzinger was originally charged with a felony, but Eagle County DA Mark Hurlbert is willing to drop those charges in favor of misdemeanor charges. Why? The purported reasoning is that Hurlbert is worried that Erzinger might lose his job, and thus his ability to pay restitution, as a money manager for “ultra high net worth individuals, their families and foundations.” You can check him out at

Mr. Erzinger

Now, I wont be totally closed off, and I will assume that there is some law somewhere, some precedent that was set in a far off court room, that makes this decision even remotely sensible. Naturally, the cycling community is in uproar over this event. We even made it into the New York Times. In an effort to reverse this decision, a petition has been created, and I ask you to lend your signature to this cause in the name of whats right. We currently have about 7800 signatures and we are trying to reach the magic 10,000. You can join us by visiting

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