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Top Ten Signs A Triathlete is a Star Wars Fan

If your like me, you spent the latter half of Christmas Day watching the entire Star Wars Marathon. Understanding how Star Wars became a holiday event is as baffling as midi-chlorion counts. The only way I can figure is that there is snow in Empire, Cloud City is as white as Macy’s during the holidays, and there are lots of trees on Endor.

Anyway, who needs a reason, its Star Wars. After reading the twitter feed on the subject, seem like a lot of my fellow Ironman – Knights are Star Wars geeks. So, I bring you the top ten signs a triathlete is a Star Wars fan.

10. “Cantina Band” is on the workout play list.

9. Your goal is to finish an Ironman before the Dark Side comes.

8. Your bike is made of Carbonite.

7. When signing up for an Ironman, you listed your accomplishments as “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.”

6. You have used “the force” to get through the start of an Ironman swim.

5. You prefer Power Bars over Gels because they are more “Chewie.”

4. The race official is your father.

3. Your nickname for that you guy you ending up racing against every event is “The Fett.”

2. You refer to the time in your life before racing as “The reign of The Hutt.”

1. You gave your sister a big kiss on the mouth after finishing your last race.

Top Ten Signs Your A Triathlete at Costco

If you shop at Costco, you probable know why this is a timely topic for the blog. Christmas time at Costco is like a demonstration in anarchy mixed with food samples. After my recent jaunt there for a simple bottle of wine turned into a Man Versus Wild episode, I couldn’t help but contemplate the Top Ten Signs Your A Triathlete at Costco (Or Sam’s Club if you prefer).

10. You wear your membership card on your ankle via a velcro strap.

9. Your shopping list is tattooed on your left forearm.

8. After grabbing a sample of bulk swiss cheese, you throw down the paper cup and shout out for HEED.

7. You have an entire palate of Power Bars in your cart.

6. Your goal is to finish your shopping run by the time your pizza is done in the deli.

5. Your shopping PR for a ten item list is 2:36:21.

4. Forgetting your debit card is what you refer to as a “mechanical.”

3. During the summer months, you make sure to visit the cold veggie room every 15 minutes.

2. Using the in-store bathroom is down right luxurious to you.

1. When it comes time to review your receipt on exiting, your tear it off your race belt and hand it to the checker.

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