Pop Goes The Weazel

Its been way too long since my last post. Fear not you three Ironvan fans out there. This isn’t a graveyard spiral for the blog, but a reflection of the billion things on my radar at the moment.

First up, got to get the drama out of the way. The day after Thanksgiving, I had the brilliant idea to go cut down a Christmas tree in the forest and drag it in knee high snow 100+ yards to my car. That wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t combined the event with 2 bike rides, 86 push ups, a 13 mile run, and a core body workout. Now, Ive been sore lots in my life. Anyone who knows me knows I like pain; I call being sore being “alive.” But even for me, the day after said activities was a whole new level of ass kicking. I basically popped both of my triceps. So much so that I couldn’t bend my elbow passed 90 degrees, do any pulling, sleep, or any exercise. I even ended up in ortho to make sure I didnt’ have some sort of compartment syndrome.

With that little hiccup, I was off training for about a week. On top of that, Ive been battling a lingering cold/sinus infection. So after that, I had basically been off 1.5 weeks. As I was staring at my workout plan, which called for some ungodly interval of like 3X45 minutes, I realized that it may finally be time to reboot. Now, I had expected the need for this for a while, I just wasn’t sure when. I started the Endurance Nation outseason way ahead of most of my teammates to get some extra cheese. So, Ive switched back from week 17/20 on the plan to week 9/20; this is proving much more tolerable in my post ass kicked phase.

Getting back into the swing of things has indeed been tough. I ran last night, expecting to kick out 6-7 with 3 mile intervals, and I damn near became treadmill roadkill.Barely squeaked out 2 miles before I sounded like an asthmatic in space.

It looks like it gave me the stretch I needed though as I was able to crank out the intervals today at 7:40, 6:20, 6:40 per mile Tomorrow, looks like the RnP menu has some serious pain…will be interesting to see how things go. At least I can say I’ve done it before…..

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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