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Top Ten Reasons Pee Wee Herman Should Become a Triathlete

It may just be a coincidence, but it seems that Hollywood is paging Mr. Herman back into the limelight. For example, take this recent SNL short:

After having recently watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, I have realized that is is destiny for P Dub to become a triathlete. Why? Here are my top ten reasons.

10. He is comfortable with performing in public.

9. Witnessing him doing the Tequila Dance across an Ironman finish line would be earth shattering.

8. He has an awesome bike and he knows how to ride.

7. Seeing Clocky converted into a bike comp, Chairy into a saddle, and Jambi as a bento box is enough reason.

6. He can tell Lance to go back to the basement of the Alamo.

5. He’s already won the Tour De France.

4. Judging from how makes breakfast, the contraption he would use to get out of his wetsuit would likely take three physicists.

3. His secret word would always be “DRAFTING!!!!!”

2. He’s already used to saying “Where’s my bike!!!!”

1. It would be epic to see him reply to Macca on NBC “I know you are…..but what am I?”

We Have A PLETHORA of Videos!!

If your like me, you spend an inordinate amount of time finding legal methods of occupying your mind while on the treadmill or indoor trainer. Well my masochistic/hibernating/super peeps, let me help you find stationery solace with the Pain Cave Theater. By clicking on the link above, you can get quick access to a plethora of videos. That’s right. A PLETHORA:

Currently, I cant quite figure out how to embed my YouTube playlist player into the blog. So for now, I’m just posting the movies directly. It will get more user friendly in the future. Relax, they are not all Ironman commercials. The point is to take your mind off the pain; not to get you to buy Ironman t-shirts. Ive included some of my rare finds, and I’ll keep em rotating as much as possible. Now get on the bike/treadmill and tune in!

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