Baby Its Cold Outside….and HOT INSIDE

Its definitely the middle of winter up here in Montana. Woke up to a chilly -4 degrees this morning. Frankly though, that’s nice and balmy compared to the -10 forecast for tonight. If you haven’t had a chance to experience such weather, there really is no way to explain how it feels. Sure, don your North Face jacket and three other layers, and you’ll feel like your at the beach. But say your an Asian transplant from Virginia in a polo shirt and a light jacket…well, its something like diving into a swimming pool filled with ice picks.

Not that the winter EVER stops Montanans. My office staff is battling the plague in the office Lysol and brimstone. Kids trudge through the snow over black ice to get to the bus. I think the Montanan winter mentality can be summarized as follows:



And of course, being Asian, my favorite, #3:

Luckily, being die hard triathletes, we have no problem lighting ourselves on fire inside on a treadmill or trainer, and for the past few days, Ive been turning my house into an oven. After my FTP test last week, I went right back at it with the (5X2.5′) X2. Tonight, on the dreadmill for 2X .25mi then 2 X (.75mi, .25mi, .125mi) at Zone 4 (7:30 pace for me). Legs are feeling toasty and I’m loving it. Weight has dropped 2 pounds, and my efforts are staying higher and higher.

Interestingly, I have noticed myself getting pretty hungry on the bike. Normally I don’t take anything in during the hour on the trainer, not even water; I just never thought about it. As I start to stretch out my indoor rides, I’m going to have to start fueling a little more appropriately. I’ve had some good results lately with Hammer products, so I’m going to try a few of their things during a 2-3 hour ride this weekend. The Infinit formula Ive used in the past has worked pretty well, but I have some time to experiment and spice things up. Better to find out problems now than on mile 90 of Coeur d’Alene.

I FINALLY broke out the camera tonight and looked at my running form. After all these years and miles, I have never had a chance to look at my gait from the third person in motion. I kind of wish I hadn’t. Here goes though. This is me pacing along at 7.5mph at 1% after 45 minutes of intervals:

First thing when I see is it is that I need longer shorts. Second, I got to stop drinking beer. Third, I need to lean more forward. Fourth, I need to stop that wobbling motion at my hips. For a while now, I have had this intermittent sensation that one leg is shorter than the other while running. It looks like there may be something else going on other than being crazy. I swear, it also looks like I am still striking way too far ahead of my self and on my heel. This is the idea. And here is some more:

If I could, I would throw some barefoot running in outside. Unfortunately, secondary to aforementioned problems above, if I did so, I wouldn’t have any more feet. So for now, I will have to keep the taping up and see what I can do. I’m planning on doing the same for the my swimming…yes inside. Stay tuned.

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