Power Bill

Just a quick recap of this weeks training. Started out early in the week with the last post, getting a good run under the watch of the video camera. Thanks to a forecast for some mean weather, I had to leave for my business trip a day early and move my date with the treadmill up. Last time I ran at the Best Western in Helena, their gym was under renovation, and the standby gym was a hotel room with a treadmill in it. Literally. Lucky me, they finished with their renovations and I had an actually gym all to myself, replete with two shiny new treadmills and weights. Of course, it wasn’t all grand. For some reason, the hotel decided to buy the narrowest treadmill in the free world.

View from the Best Western Treadmill.

And yes, it didn’t take too much of intervals and watching a just awful American rendition of Top Gear before I went tumbling half off. Luckily, a handrail into my right rib broke my fall and I sustained just a minor bruise and scratch. It would have been perfect if this REAL (ie BBC) version of Top Gear was on:

The weather guessers fears were pretty much right on the spot, and my Wed drive was like a scene from Band of Brother’s Battle of the Bulge…with deer instead of Germans.

Yes, it does happen. One avalanche fatality last week. DONT HONK.


I feel better that the guard rail is there.

Wildlife tally for this trip: 6 alive deer, two dead deer, one witnessed deer collision, one HERD of Elk

By the time I arrived back In Kalispell, I was burnt, and the only workout I got was lifting a beer to my mouth.

Thursday, I was feeling pretty wiped out still, and I struggled to get any watts out of my legs. So, I sucked it up and just put in an hour of Zone 3 in and TRIED to get some sleep. Of course, since I tried, that means I only slept about 4 hours and Friday, with its menu of one thousand pain clinic patient disasters, I wasn’t in any better energy situation Friday night. Gave it one more night off.

Slept a good eight hours Friday night and hit the trainer for 2X20 Zone 4. Interval 1: pNorm 188, IF .932, VI 1.01. Interval 2: pNorm 192, IF .952, VI 1.0. Here’s the graph. And no, I have no clue what was going on with the powermeter in those first 13 minutes:

Today, back on the trainer again for 1:15 with 2X15 Zone 4. Interval 1: pNorm 188, IF .932, VI 1. Interval 2: pNorm 188, IF .932, VI 1. Here’s the data for this one:

I guess I really like an IF of .932. Time to get out of the rut though; I need a little more than that in each interval.

Tonight, I finally put some effort into watching my hydration on the drainer. Made sure to sip some fluid, no not beer, every ten minutes. After an hour on, I was feeling great and ready to go for another hour. Looking good for the longer workouts coming up in a month.

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