The Temp Is Not The Only Thing Rising

Once again, my lack of pre-reading has let me stumble upon pain and suffering in my life. Last week, everything seemed normal as always in the winter training world. Cranking out some 1-1.5 hour workouts daily. Hurting, but not enduring. No sore butt.

This week? Lets just say I’m starting to remember the meaning of the word endurance. On Sunday, I kicked things up a little by sneaking in a two hour ride on the drainer. Nothing too fancy; had some 3X12′ thrown in, but the rest was zone 3. Here’s the Power Bins:

One peak for Zone 3 and another for Zone 4.

Being the novice I am, on Monday, I reveled in being “ahead of the curve.” I even got in the pool for a nice relaxing 2000y. Then I looked at Tuesday’s plan, and well…

75 minutes with 3X15′ Zone 4 followed by a 45 minute brick. Smooth move. So, on the trainer I went late Tuesday night for a fresh serving of EN ass kicking:

The numbers show I was tired. Still hovering a little low in the intervals at IF of .891, .924, .918. Oddly enough, the run following went great. It was nice to “stretch” the legs out after being on the bike.

On Wed, menu called for a simple 60 minute run with 2X0.5mi and 3X1.0mi at Zone 4. It really wouldn’t haven’t been a big deal had I not driven 7 hours, started the day at 0500, and delayed my run until 8:30 PM. Still, there is no stopping in this sport, and I hopped on the treadmill and cranked them out at 7:40.

Thursday was a relative rest day, calling for 60 minutes on the drainer with 2X15′. Oddly enough, while sore, my legs felt great and I had an awesome power lunch:

Ordering In For Lunch (Photo by the wifey)

Numbers were finally where I wanted them to be with this one with an IF of .95 and .96.

Today, finally another day off, which I course spent in the pool for 2000y. Tomorrow, back at it again, for two hours followed by a 11 miler on Sunday.

As for the nutrition, I’ve been using the HEED and loving it. For workouts longer than an hour, I take in one packet of HEED. Once I get up to 2 hours, like next week, I’ll start experimenting with the Perpetuem. This coffee drinker is uber excited about trying some of the coffee flavors. Espresso Gel. That is right on SO many levels.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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