What A Difference An Inch Can Make

Yeah, I know. Sounds like a dirty joke, but fear not. This post is about bike position. Remember way back at the beginning of the winter when I went all gun ho with my forward bike position? Basically, to summarize  I moved my seat way forward. Really forward.

First, I reversed the seat post, and then still slid the seat as far forward as it could go. For a while, things seem to be going pretty well. Watts were going up, and in the drops, I could keep my zone 3 fairly comfortably. The problem was that anytime I went into aero, I would drop like 20 watts instantly. I just couldn’t keep up.

I tried scooting back a little on the seat, and that only made things worse. So I just kept trucking with the forward position. Then I had an epiphany. Maybe, just maybe, I was so far forward that a little scoot back wouldn’t fix it. So, I pushed myself as far back as I could and tada! 162 watts 177 watts. Thats in aero. 218 watts during intervals became 240 watts.

So today, I moved my seat back about an inch, and lowered it about 1/2 an inch. Things are much better. Its a little awkward as my body is adjusting to the new orientation, but I’m confident that time will take care of that. Looking forward to next week’s FTP test!

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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